Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sex - the key ingredient to a healthy diet

Toss aside your heart-healthy Cheerios and hormone injections; the real secret to living a longer, healthier life lies not inside a cereal box or doctor's office, but right inside your pants.

Self-proclaimed anti-ageing expert Dr. Eric Braverman claims in his new book "Younger (Sexier) You" that the answer to maintaining a solid immune system and happy heart is staying sexually active - no matter what age you are. This is in addition to building stronger muscles and bones (due to increased levels of vitamin D and "load-bearing," as you biology experts might refer to it) and, of course, keeping that southward second brain content.

Braverman also puts special emphasis in his book on the ability of an active sex life and a coffee-intensive diet to boost hormone levels in both men and women painfully enduring the awkward stages of menopause (yes, men go through menopause too), as well as those just looking to more consistently "get in the mood." Perhaps this could be the answer to President Obama's mid-life crisis prayers?

And for those of you fearful of infections and the common cold during the chilling months of flu season - never fear, Braverman says a simple orgasm can clear away your germaphobic fears and anxieties.

With the most personally political and sex-heavy day of the year just around the corner, you may want to further look into some of these tips on keeping up a healthy libido. And if not, do what three million other Americans and Jake Gyllenhaal would advise: take a Viagra and call it a day.

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