Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake devastates island nation

As many of you know, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake tragically struck the nation of Japan on Friday, which was followed by a tsunami that has left an estimated 700 people dead, 600 missing and 1,500 injured. The quake was the largest recorded in Japan's history.

In the time since the initial quake occurred, more than 140 aftershock mini-quakes have been reported, some as powerful as a 6.2-magnitude quake. As a result, an estimated 2.5 million are reported to still be without electricity.

And with late-breaking news coming in that small traces of radiation have leaked into the atmosphere from overheated nuclear reactors (in addition to an explosion Saturday afternoon), it remains uncertain how events will unfold in the coming days.

Politically Pussified would like to encourage all able readers to give back in Japan's time of need. While most readers may be an ocean or more away and cultural opposites in some regards, we all live, breathe, and share this world together.

You are encouraged to donate to The American Red Cross by texting "redcross" to 90999 for a minimum of a $10 donation. All donations are welcomed and highly appreciated.

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